Turkey at CAS

Turkey at CAS

It took me awhile to see their beauty. Often, when I show others photos of turkeys, I hear them call these birds ugly. Beauty is a wonderful discovery, for once found it’s difficult to lose and nearly impossible to see the object of your affection any other way from that point forward. Now when I look at these birds, I am amazed by their colorful skin that can change color with their moods, their strong, smooth feathers that flirt purple and brown, their soulful eyes.

This particular guy lives at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. He begged to be let out of his pen while I took his picture. His sweet noises were so mournful, so full of hope as he pressed himself against the pen’s door, I had a hard time walking away.

Turkey1 Turkey2 Turkey3 Turkey4 Turkey5
The same sweet fella from another day.

A wild turkey walking across the parking lot.

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