41yphlcxwal-_sx330_bo1204203200_Fugue, a Ten Minute Play, Ten 10-Minute Plays: Volume II,  published by Black Box Press under full name of Laura Elizabeth Miller

Fugue gives voice to the tragic recollections of three murdered children who relive their eerily similar nightmares of being kidnapped. Written as a staged poem, Fugue has been produced across the US and in multiple countries.

About the Volume – AMAZON.COM: “This collection of 10-minute plays will delight readers and audiences alike. From the dark humor of Nick Zagone’s “Sixty Years, to Life” to the zany absurdism of Walter Wykes’ “Family 2.0” to the disturbing imagery of Laura Elizabeth Miller’s “Fugue,” each of these short plays expresses the unique vision of an emerging contemporary dramatist. Together, they make an exciting and diverse evening of theatre. Other plays in this anthology include “While the Auto Waits” by O. Henry, “Lures” by Jeanette D. Farr, “The Next Mrs. Jacob Anderson” by Ann Wuehler, “The Chocolate Affair” by Stephanie Alison Walker, “No Such Thing” by Douglas Hill, “Heart of Hearing” by Joseph Zeccola, and “Phone Arts” by LB Hamilton.”

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Interested in producing Fugue, a Ten Minute Play?
Contact Elizabeth for permission and details about royalties. Royalties are due for all performances where admission is charged, and range between $10-35 per performance. Email her with details about your production, festival or workshop including number of performances, admission price, and expected number of audience members. She is also available for script analysis and producing questions, and greatly enjoys hearing from students working on her play.

51t8nudwsglThe Going Price

In The Going Price, an executioner must prioritize between the sacred honor of his work or the life of a convicted child who claims to be his offspring. Written in free verse. Included in volume 1 of Red Bull Shorts:

Red Bull Theater – New York City’s “most exciting classical theater”– for the first time ever offers a published collection featuring the best of its annual Short New Play Festival. This ongoing series features 10-minute plays of heightened language and classical themes by today’s hottest writers, including commissions by established playwrights such as John Guare, David Ives, Regina Taylor, and Anne Washburn, and winning entries by writers such as Mike Anderson, Sam Lahne, Lynn Rosen, and Jen Silverman– all chosen from a competition that receives nearly 300 submissions each year. In the hands of great playwrights, the 10-minute play is a highly entertaining dramatic form. This collection offers the most delectable of these delightfully compact works – some downright silly, and others powerfully moving – from Red Bull Theater’s Short New Play Festival.

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Duet or The Golden Hour 

Duet on The Golden Hour is a play with music featuring two characters in an almost empty space. Set in an undefined location on a single summer night, Michael Emory and Elana Bird are reunited after a ten-year absence. Over the course of the evening, they relive their past and dream into existence the life that might have been while living what is and moving toward what inevitably will be. Light, music, and movement are intregal to the play, bending time and visually representing the emotional evolution of one woman and one man. She brings the words. He brings the music. At the end of the play, the Duet – a third character of sorts – is played in its entirety, linking together the music heard throughout the production.


In the Absence of Sound (working title for a staged ghost story)

Meg refuses to speak. Charles cannot hold a job. Haunted by loss and alcoholism, the couple seeks a new life in a new home. Drawn daily to the small, empty spare bedroom, patterns of grief and abuse begin to unfold. Witness to the chaos are the children in the walls.