Children of PDX

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Children of PDX

On our trip to Portland this July, I had the opportunity to take pictures of children in various activities, from a sack race at a tiny farm north of the city, to the beautiful daughter of a good friend.


Portland is littered with public spaces, often outfitted with interactive water such as fountains and wading pools. This fountain is by the river, and was filled with sunburnt children of all sizes – a few adults too – running in and out of the sprays. The sheer joy and abandon of their play was catching. The sun was so sharp at this moment, that turning the photo black and white better captured the energy and heat of that afternoon.

I attended a fundraiser at a tiny animal sanctuary north of Portland. They held sack races for the kids. I took a number of photos, but felt these two best captured their determination, competitive spirit, and even self-reflective absurdity.


The beautiful daughter of a friend.

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