from selected clients

  • Vivienne Benesch, Artistic Director, CTC

    Elizabeth Nelson has been the inspired creative force behind Chautauqua Theater Company’s design and branding over the last nine seasons. She has managed to capture the unique spirit of over 60 different productions while integrating the company’s overall aesthetic. Elizabeth has also deepened our audience’s relationship to our particular look in many different contexts, and she does it all with acute insight and a great sense of humor and imagination.

    - Vivienne Benesch, Artistic Director, CTC
  • Sandra Diaz, Founder of DIAZ Estudio de Moda

    When I first met Elizabeth, I took one look at her and knew she would produce just what I needed, and she proved me right. She is an amazing graphic designer, as well as a person of integrity and high standards. Not only has she put together a beautiful website, but her strong writing skills have creatively focused the branding of each of my services and my label, helping me reach potential clients. From posh business cards to creatively designed packaging – and of course refreshing my logo – she is an A-player and I am thrilled with the results. I can’t thank her enough.

    - Sandra Diaz, Founder of DIAZ Estudio de Moda
  • Alyson Berman, Humane Educator

    Elizabeth did HEART a great service by volunteering to design our annual newsletter. Thanks to her creative mind and collaborative spirit, HEART now has an elegant publication to send to our supporters each winter. She’s fast, responds wonderfully to feedback and, even though she volunteered, treated it like a paying job. We’re thankful she cares so deeply about humane education and can’t wait to work with her again.

    - Alyson Berman, Humane Educator
  • Ellen Rusconi, Producing Director of SDCF

    I love working with Elizabeth as my graphic designer. She’s fast and efficient and listens very well to what I need the design to convey. Her designs score highly on both communication and creativity – she manages to never neglect nor forsake one for the other – and her designs need less editing than almost all other designers I’ve worked with. She delivers every job on deadline and above expectations.

    - Ellen Rusconi, Producing Director of SDCF